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About MommyZabb

   From Passion to Product   

EVE loves cooking. 

JOZY & ABBY likes snacking.

And everyone is just so obsessed with MommyZabb Chili!


Why MommyZabb?

When people are taking about Thailand, they always think about spicy street food.  That how “Chili “ comes to Eve's idea. But if it is just chili, it's not good enough. It has to be something that everyone can enjoy everyday not just spicy eaters.


Eve is a single mom with two kids. Her snacks goal is for the kids to enjoy as well. Chili? Snacks? Kids? Doesn't sound like they go together right? Let us let you in on a secret. MommyZabb takes out the seeds in the chili and sautéed them with other spice and seasoning.  It's crunchy, edgy and so fun. oh and the kids? They absolutely LOVE it! That’s why our first product come out as  Spicy Chili Snack. 

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