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It's Always Chili Time 

With MommyZabb 


New Arrivals

Everyday Snacks PERFECT for Every Meals

Red Wall & Stairs

Jozy, Boss Lady

Master of Artist in the house, Jozy specializes in the art of cutting labels and quality controlled each bag to meet the highest MommyZabb standard before we ship them to you. Her favorite activity is watching Frozen and eating Mommy Chili as her popcorn!


Abby, Boss Girl

Sticker Master, Abby's job is to skillfully label all MommyZabb stickers on each bag with love and care. She loves doing dance clip on TikTok and eating MommyZabb Mixed Nuts with her sister. 


Eve, MommyZabb

Master of cooking and chili, Eve is the mastermind who puts chili and snack together. Not only she cooks delicious food, she also makes amazing  chili snacks for the entire family to enjoy together. 

“There pepper snacks are amazing! My kids (3.8.12) all love adding them to their pizza or just eat it by itself!”

Mali Khvnn

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